Album: Hammer Of The Witch (2014)

Song: Bleed

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Cleveland's legendary kings of metallic hardcore return with their Relapse debut Hammer Of The Witch. 13 songs of fire-y rage propelled by lead vocalist Human Furnace's wrathful fury, this is a record sure to satisfy metalheads and hardcore kids alike. Riffs and grooves collide on songs like 'Psychic Vampires' and 'Bleed' creating some of the most vicious hooks to get stuck in your brain in a long, long time. Hammer Of The Witch might just be the finest moment in Ringworm's 20+ year career.

RINGWORM was spawned in 1991 from the metal scene in Cleveland, Ohio, and released The Promise (1993) on Incision Records, immediately finding their place among hardcore metal heavyweights like Terror and Earth Crisis. Despite early success, the members of RINGWORM decided to pursue personal ventures. Human Furnace concentrated his focus on tattooing and his artwork, while other members joined with hardcore legends Integrity. Nearly a decade later, RINGWORM emerged from the shadows with their critically acclaimed Victory Records debut, Birth Is Pain (2001), followed by Justice Replaced By Revenge (2005). Between extensives touring and personal ventures, RINGWORM managed to release two more searing LPs, The Venomous Grand Design (2007) and Scars (2011), through Victory Records.
Destined to be a mainstay in every hardcore metal fan's headphones, RINGWORM's Hammer of the Witch serves to solidify the bands vital place in hardcore history. Noisey hails this work as "yet another achievement in a long line of uncompromising heavy [music] from these dudes," while New Noise Magazine raves, "Everything you love about the brutalest, viciousest metal infused hardcore legends continues without missing a step." Watch for this release in early 2014.